Customs Brokerage

NTF has a proven record of accomplishment and resources to meet your company’s customs brokerage needs.

Customs brokerage is the process of shipment of goods or delivery of supplies across borders for organization or individuals. Every single day many customs clearances of goods and raw materials cross international borders. NTF customs brokerage service is responsible for import exports of items and supplies between borders following rules and regulations. We provide best quality customs clearance services to our client, whether it’s individual or organization as we are master in international trade. During shipment of goods depending on nature of items there are various duties, taxes and excises to be paid.

If you need yours goods urgent we send your goods eliminating the unnecessary delays within your budget. We ensure your delivery of goods will safely arrive at time at reasonable rates.  NTF provides customs brokerage service at reasonable prices and guaranteed you that there are no unexpected charges. We provide low-cost solutions to support your business requirements.

As one of the leading customs brokerage providers within the region, we handle transactions for customers of all sizes. We can help your company to manage imports and exports of products of varying size and complexity, by ocean, air, or ground.

NTF has the skills and knowledge to support your customs requirements in areas such as:

  • Assist your company in dealing with customs. NTF has the capability to obtain and submit all documents for clearing merchandise through customs, arranging inland transport, and a seamless process for custom related payments
  • Oversee the movement of international shipments through customs and ensure that the documentation accompanying a shipment is complete and accurate
  • Provide customs declaration documentation which declares the value of your shipments
  • Accessible customs management data such as accounting information and release notifications.
  • If you are interested in reaching customers across border then NTF employee will make sure your products will reach to your final destination safely.
  • NTF customs brokers make sure your items are classified so that taxes and duties can be obtained properly.

NTF has the capability to navigate through regulations and documentation to import / export your products, eliminating unnecessary delays due to errors and non-compliances.

We have a dedicated team of experts that can develop best possible customs management solutions for your company.

Advantage of Customs Brokerage at NTF

  • Customs Clearance at NTF offers Import & exports services along with freight forwarding (air, ocean, land)and warehousing & storage. Hiring NTF- customs brokerage service will easily transfer items regularity governing the transport of items across boarder.
  • During the transaction of items rules and regulation keeps changing  and choosing this customs clearance company avoids costly delay, fine and others penalties. To clear the shipments we use correct protocol.
  • Our customs clearance process makes sure your supplies are secured and safely reach the destinations. We have skill to facilities the entire customs.
  • This customs brokerage company makes sure yours customs declaration on your behalf. We add right identification for goods divided into sub groups.

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Customs Brokerage

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