Air Freight

Between navigating regulatory compliances, global trade laws and complex border requirements, transporting freight around the world is a real challenge.

This Saudi Arabian company provides air freight services (shipment of goods, items and supplies through air) with effective cost, high security and punctual delivery. Nawara Transportation and Freight Company (“NTF Group”) operates as an adept international freight forwarder, leveraging strong relationships with international carriers to move your cargo from country of origin to destination as smoothly as possible.

Our presence in KSA and other surrounding GCC region with experienced 100+ workers sets up apart from our competitor. We offer solution according to your budget. NTF offers On board couriers (OBC) to transfer your small package through flight.  When it comes to sky freight cost both weight and volume matters. Our air freight specialist will help you throughout the process. Our teams then work tirelessly to manage relationships and negotiate rates, maximizing service while minimizing costs. NTF Group Saudi Arabian based company provide better services with faster transit time.

We customize international shipping solutions around your individual business needs. We start by identifying air carriers best suited to transport your freight.

Charters Air Cargo: 

If you want your goods or items urgently shipped then charters air cargo is best solution. It’s the quickest way to move yours supplies where they need to be. NTF group provides charters air cargo with affordable rates or prices with best available charters planes. Charters air freight is fastest cargo transport which is available 24/7 and has accurate tracking.

Commercial Air Cargo:

Commercial air cargos are the scheduled flight for shipment of yours items. They are cheap and takes long period of time to reach the final destination.

Advantage of Air Freight Service

  • Air freight cargo required less cost of packaging compared to others freight.
  • During the movement of goods there are chances of being damaged or stolen. With air cargo shipments yours items is secure.
  • Receiving your item from air shipments are considered reliable. You would receive your goods on time.
  • If you need your items quickly then air freight in Saudi Arabia is better option. It’s the fastest source to move your supplies.
  • Tracking your shipment is accurate in air cargo as arrival and departure times are fixed.

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Air Freight

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