Re-exportation and Container Stuffing

Mar 30, 2022

Nawara Transportation and Freight, a pioneering logistics company in Saudi Arabia, offers its customers exclusive logistic services such as: export, re-export, and container stuffing.

Some cargo containers that arrive in Saudi Arabia require re-exportation from the kingdom to another country. Re-exportation entails the export of goods without further processing or transformation of the imported shipment. NTF provides this service through its offices around the kingdom.

In addition to door-to-door transportation and air freight, land freight, and sea freight, NTF also offers container stuffing, the process where goods are loaded into a container for shipping. The container stuffing process requires carefully placing items inside a container and ensuring that the items will not shift during the journey.

NTF’s personnel ensure that items are well-stored inside containers, taking into consideration the type of cargo and how it is wrapped to avoid leakage. In addition to the stuffing process, NTF employees also secure the cargo inside the container by using cargo belts and wooden boards to avoid the movement of goods within the container.

NTF has successfully served local and international customers with the help of its dedicated employees. The Saudi transportation company handles freight and logistics operations in a safe and efficient environment.

Nawara’s commitment to high-quality premium services has placed it among the top transportation companies in the region. NTF has become a company of choice for hundreds of customers, suppliers and business partners.

Ready to discover a new standard of premium logistic services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Please reach out to further discuss potential business opportunities.

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