Re-export and Container Stuffing

Mar 30, 2022

The Re-export process is very important for the nowadays world trading requirements, and it is based on special key factors making the Re-export process as an efficient solution.

In addition, the re-export process will need to be accompanied by a container stuffing process which in many cases, considered as specially tailored to achieve a certain standard or service level.

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What is Re-export?

what is re-export? 

Re-export is defined as foreign goods exported to the same country as previously imported.

From the free circulation area, premises for inward processing or industrial free zones, directly to the rest of the world, and from premises for customs warehousing or commercial free zones, to the rest of the world.

For Example, when the Aircraft on Ground (AOG) maintenance requires to send the engine to the mother country or where the airline maintenance facility is located; the Re-export is needed.

It is more likely that such requirement to be processed through a service provider who is knowledgeable and has the experience of handling this type of cargo.

There are main scenarios where Re-export process more likely to take place:

  1. Imported Machinery & parts for the purpose of repairing or inspections.
  2. Re-exported products that did not match the importer expectations or custom regulations.
  3. When the country is located mid-way among the exporter country.
  4. When part of the production line is located in a different country and the imported goods need to be exported again to the manufacturer or for distribution.


What is Container Stuffing?

What is container stuffing?

Container stuffing is the process which by the commodity is being loaded and properly stuffed inside the shipping containers.

Balancing commodities, safety loading procedures and many different aspects are very important to be considered as part of the container stuffing process.

Therefore, the container stuffing and de-stuffing procedures need to be carefully planned in advance, and in alignment with safety rules to be followed upon executing the loading or unloading jobs.


Below are some tips for an effective and safely executed container stuffing procedures:

Four tips for an effective container stuffing

1. Choose the right container.

Here you need to consider the right type and form while selecting a container in addition to the shipping criteria that should not exceed the weight and size limits.

E.g., frozen, dangerous, or bulky cargo require different kinds of containers.

2. Well-maintained containers.

Containers are being transported for years and accommodating different products and going through a lot of processes on the vessel and in the ports. Therefore, it usually happens that the container gets hit or damaged which severely affects the products inside.

However, the container needs to be maintained and inspected properly before the stuffing process to make sure no damage affects the products inside.

Usually, shipping lines take care of the continues inspection & rapier of the container, but they are still charging the consignee for the damage charges.

3. The shipping route.

The shipping vessel route is very important to be considered before executing the container stuffing procedure.

If the route is known along with all the predicted weather and climate changes, it will most likely protect the container from getting rusted or causing any damage due to the lack of ventilation and temperature control.

4. The right packaging for your products.

It is one of the container stuffing main principles, which usually comes before the loading phase.

However, it is very important to have the right packaging of your products considering all the consequences may result to damage or getting the cargo loss.

Choosing the right packaging is a key pro-active step that needs to involve production team, safety and quality and ending up with operations team to conduct the products stuffing inside the container.


Re-export and Container Stuffing Service provider in Saudi Arabia

Re-export and Container Stuffing Service provider in Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is geographically positioned in the center of the world which makes it one of the leading countries serving as a business hub within the region.

The country had announced The Global Supply Chain Resilience Initiative, a National Investment Strategy Initiative, aims to develop a unified strategy to attract strategic supply chains to Saudi Arabia and grow the Kingdom’s market share in sectors where it has particular competitive and strategic advantages.

As well as supporting Saudi Arabia’s domestic development, the Global Supply Chain Resilience Initiative will help to strengthen regional and global supply chains while giving investors a competitive advantage GSCRI.

NTF Group, a pioneering logistics company in Saudi Arabia, offers its customers exclusive logistic services such as: export, re-export, and container stuffing.

Some cargo containers that arrive in Saudi Arabia require Re-export from the kingdom to another country. Re-export entails the export of goods without further processing or transformation of the imported shipment. NTF provides this service through its offices around the kingdom.

In addition to door-to-door transportation and air freightland freight, and sea freight, NTF also offers container stuffing, the process where goods are loaded into a container for shipping. The container stuffing process requires carefully placing items inside a container and ensuring that the items will not shift during the journey.

Also, our personnel ensure that items are well-stored inside containers, taking into consideration the type of cargo and how it is wrapped to avoid leakage. In addition to the stuffing process, NTF employees also secure the cargo inside the container by using cargo belts and wooden boards to avoid the movement of goods within the container.

We successfully served local and international customers with the help of its dedicated employees. The Saudi transportation company handles freight and logistics operations in a safe and efficient environment.

Our commitment to high-quality premium services has placed it among the top transportation companies in the region. NTF has become a company of choice for hundreds of customers, suppliers and business partners.

Ready to discover a new standard of premium logistic services in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Please reach to us with your requirements and we will provide you with our best price quotation.

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