NTF’s clearance services

Dec 16, 2021

Nawara Transportation and Freight, one of the pioneering logistics companies in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region, strives to provide its customers with world-class services, such as freight, transportation, and
clearance solutions.

NTF’s offices in Jeddah, Dammam, and Al-Riyadh make it the number one choice for potential customers wishing to conduct logistical operations and freight within and to Saudi Arabia.

In addition to door-to-door transportation and customs clearance at any border within the Gulf region, NTF also offers its customers additional services for their shipments to Saudi Arabia, such as Saber, SFDA, and
ECosma registration.

All shipments, except medical devices, food, medicine, and cosmetics, must have conformity certificates through the Saber registration platform. These certificates guarantee the safety and quality of the shipped products according to relevant Saudi regulations.

SFDA, the Saudi Food and Drug Authority registration, on the other hand, is only required for shipments containing food, medical devices, and medicine. ECosma, a branch of SFDA, is required for cosmetics shipments to ensure their compatibility with Saudi standards. These special clearance services are offered as part of NTF’s low-cost, customized customer solutions through a network of qualified and dedicated employees.

Nawara focuses on meeting customer needs and supporting the growth of businesses through providing unique services, such as land, air, and sea freight. It has actively contributed to facilitating transportation throughout the region, significantly boosting e-commerce and business growth.

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