NTF Gulf Region Services

NTF Gulf Region Services

Nov 07, 2021

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As a pioneering logistics company in Saudi Arabia and the Gulf region, Nawara Transportation and Freight offers its clients extensive services covering all freight and transportation solutions within the Arabian Peninsula.

With low-cost, customized customer solutions, NTF can handle the import and re-export of goods to and from Saudi Arabia while providing world-class services to its customers through its network of qualified employees.

NTF has long provided freight and warehousing services across the kingdom through its offices in Jeddah, Dammam, and Al-Riyadh. These offices aid the operations of door-to-door transportation and customs clearance that is provided at any border within the Gulf region.

NTF’s daily operations focus on meeting customer needs, supporting business growth, and delivering high-quality services. These services include land, air, and sea freight, transportation using flatbed trailers, and warehousing goods.

NTF has successfully served local and international customers by providing services across the Gulf region and Egypt due to the Arabian Peninsula’s strategic location on the international shipping route between the east and the west via the Suez Canal. NTF has been an active factor in facilitating the flow of goods and contributing to the prosperity of e-commerce in the region through its punctual air, land, and ocean freight.

With the help of its dedicated employees, NTF handles freight and transportation services in a safe and efficient environment, which positively contributes to its staff’s motivation and productivity.

 Nawara’s commitment to providing high-quality services has made it a company of choice for customers, suppliers, business partners, and employees.

Ready to discover a new standard of logistic services in the Gulf region? Please reach out to further discuss potential business opportunities.



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NTF Gulf Region Services

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