We provide a range of warehousing service and solutions tailored to help your company grow.

NTF Group stores your physical items, goods and supplies before they are shipped, distributed or sold. Our warehousing solution operation takes place moving the goods and tracking the inventory.  Our global warehousing storage solution is designed with flexibility to make our client’s items & goods stored. We offer full range of storage and distribution solution. We make sure your products are stored in climate controlled and temperature friendly places. Our employee manages yours products and makes documents to keeps yours files in order and easy to access.

Whatever yours warehousing needs, NTF Group global warehousing services in Saudi Arabia provide both domestic and international shipments ready to handle your supply chains by reducing its complexity. We also provide movements of products by land, air and ocean to reach yours items to final destination. We do have services for transferring yours goods from airport to our warehouse or from seaport to our warehouse.

Our warehouse network across KSA enables us to service your short and long-term storage needs such as:

  • Climate controlled warehousing service: To store many types of products including those that need special handling conditions such as freezers for storing frozen products, humidity-controlled environments for delicate products, such as produce or flowers, and dirt-free facilities for handling highly sensitive computer products
  • Bonded warehousing service: To store imported products for which import duty is yet to be paid
  • Distribution centers: To store products that is considered very temporary. NTF warehouses can serve as points in your distribution system where products are received from your suppliers and quickly shipped out to your customers
  • General warehousing and storage: To keep food or products dry and secure
  • Long term storage warehousing service : To store products and documentation
  • Value adding warehousing : NTF warehouse staffs are able to further process your products to support your specific market requirements
  • Bulk and specialized warehousing service: To store grains, minerals or other specialized products.

With NTF’s state of the art scanning and labelling technology, and a computerized inventory and stock control systems, your company will have complete visibility of its product movements.

Advantages of Warehousing and Storage Service by NTF

  • Preservation and Safety of Items: Use our warehousing service to store items, goods and supplies before shipments or distribution. Warehouses preserve from fire, water, theft, deterioration in quality and breakage and ensure safety.
  • Easy Handling: Our warehouses have mechanical appliances to lift bulky and heavy items. It will be easy to load and unload using modern machine. We have cranes and forklifts for moving items within the warehouse areas.
  • Ensuring Continuous Supply: We require some product throughout the year but are produced in a particular season only. Warehouses ensure regular supply of such seasonal product.
  • Location: Our location of warehouse service is advantage for our customers as it is near airports and rails. It reduces the shipping of item and its distribution cost.
  • Lifeline for Small Business and Shipment: To store your supplies and items our warehouse is best option as it’s cost effective by paying affordable amount of money. It will be difficult for small business to run in absence of warehouses.
  • Minimization Risk of loss: Our authorities make sure all yours supplies stored in our warehouses are well preserved, protected and monitored. The security staff is responsible to make your product secured from theft and firefighting equipment’s are used to protect from fire.

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