Our effective transport, logistics and supply chain solutions provide flexibility and predictability – supporting your business requirements

We provide solutions to companies in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and their operations throughout the region and the world – further contributing to their competitiveness and business performance

Customs Brokerage

As a leading provider, NTF can service your company’s import and export needs

Transportation & Freight

You are able to extend your company’s market reach through NTF’s transportation and freight options


NTF’s effective warehousing solutions are able to support your company’s needs

Supply chain solutions & Third party logistics

NTF’s multiple logistics services is able to support your company’s corporate and operational objectives

Customised customer solutions

Irrespective of your company’s product / service mix, NTF is able to provide a customized solution to meet your unique requirements

Small business solutions

NTF’s Small Business Division can assist with your company’s supply chain needs